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Marriott Associate
Abdullah Al Harthy
Abdullah is a Fitness Aerobics Instructor, certified PRAMA Instructor and certified Obesity and Weight Management. He encourages clients to focus on their goals in order to achieve the best benefits and results from their work out. He believes that along with exercise, holistic wellness strategies are the best way to achieve body weight loss, muscle gain, posture, strength or endurance. His favorite client is anyone with a goal and a willingness to work towards it!
Marriott Associate 1
Mostafa Al Zare
Mostafa is world-class trainer who has trained many in Jordan, Dubai, London and New York. A Swimming and Diving Coach, certified CrossFit and EMS trainer and an online coach who assists in unleashing your inner champ. Mostafa's enthusiasm and passion for creating a healthy life style makes him a great choice when it comes to getting fit and looking for someone to push you to the limits!
Marriott Associate 2
Ibrahim Eid
Ibrahim is an Athletic Therapist who is looking for more structured ways to help people with physical training or rehabilitation needs. His focus is on improving function, and enhancing performance while attempting to foster an environment that allows life-long progression no matter what your chosen hobby, leisure activity, or sport. Whether you are someone with common aches and pains or an athlete of any kind, Ibrahim looks forward to being able to help you.